Course status in progress

Anything about what happens on the user and teacher side
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Course status in progress

Post by metaldark »

guys, I'm using formalms 2.0, which only has great detail,
When a student finishes the course the status of the course "in progress" is maintained
that is, objects viewed 100%, objects 1 of 1 seen, in progress.

the course status stays "in progress" and does not change to "completed" automatically

Do you know if it's from a library?

thanking the help

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Re: Course status in progress

Post by alfa24 »

Please, ensure a lo is set as terminator.
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Re: Course status in progress

Post by max »

Hi Cristian and welcome on board.
What alfa24 is saying is that you should set the last LO as "end object marker" (click on the proprieties of the LO, then on the second TAB, then "end object marker" set as "yes").
That is the way to mark a course as completed, it doesn't matter if the user has completed 100% of the LO's.
The reason is that you could have more than one LO and the LMS cannot know which one is the one you want to use as "end object".
There are a lot of threads about this issue, please check the forum before posting.
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Re: Course status in progress

Post by nangi »

Hello Max.
When the course LO is comleted the progress bar is shown as 100% and it is closed . And when it is not 100% you can click on the progressbar and open the over view screen as attached. But when you comleted the LOs the progress bar is 100% and then you can't open the overview screen.
the students need to see this overview screen for controlling the total time by themself what shall we do?

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