Forma 3.0 - First Forma Crowdfunding Campaign

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Forma 3.0 - First Forma Crowdfunding Campaign

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Hi All,

as recently announced during Expotraining 2019 in Milan, the next major release FORMA 3.0 is already under development, and will feature some big improvements such as:

- Full PHP 7.3 compatibility
- Global code events improvement
- New feature: customizable dashboard for users
- Refactcoring and redesign of LO Management

The required work is wide and hard, so the forma.association is asking your support to accelerate the development and bring to you this new version as soon as possible.
Learn more about the FIRST FORMA CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN, launched to foster the LO management refactoring.

Become part of it, LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Support the project for FREE!

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